Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Revisiting More Signigicant Matters

A few days ago I mentioned a rather significant life event but managed to push that post off the top way too fast. So I just thought I'd shout into the nothing that is the blogsphere (or is that twitter?) again that I'm getting married!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Quick Update

So thanks to Will and Debbie at Utah Wedding Photography for letting me know that they have additional Conrad Ranch photos up! If you didn't check out the links in this and in the last post, you really are missing seeing an amazing place and an amazing job of seeing it captured on film.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I Have Been A Delinquent Blogger

So I hope the word travels faster than my ability to talk to everyone because I'm hoping that the news that I'm getting married isn't new. Major apologies to those who haven't heard it yet, but my attention to anything other than my bride-to-be has generally gotten a low priority. Picture me with a grin on my face and an expression that doesn't seem to know what reality is and that's about me for the last several weeks.

What reality I am in touch with is that the date is July 17th, the location is Conrad Ranch up Provo Canyon (I couldn't find any pictures anywhere except on this photographer's blog and figured they would appreciate me sending you to them rather than posting their pictures on my own), and the lady is the most amazing person in the world!

In that spirit, it is time to retire, "Since I don't even share my apartment with a goldfish, I have to tell somebody about the random crap that comes into my head. You're it." The random crap is still going to be shared, but soon, so is the apartment, and let's face it, by signing up with me my finance is sentencing herself to hear more random crap than ever gets up here. Anyway, the point is: I'm going to change the 'About Me' section and I'd like anyone who reads my blog to give me a one or two sentence descriptor that they like, so comment away!