Monday, September 21, 2009

What Have I Been Doing The Last 2 Months?

So this might be a long post, as I haven't actually put up anything about my actual life in a while, though I did make a brief reference. Summary version goes like this: got married on the 17th of July (picture me doing some version of a happy dance); honeymoon for a week; back to work for 2 days; driving to Boise, Seattle, Semiahmoo, and Victoria for 5 days; my wife flying to Houston without me for 4 days (probably the hardest thing I've ever done right there); me flying down to join her in Houston for the weekend; one week of me working while my wife packed all my stuff (since we never really had a chance to unpack her stuff); babysitting for 2 days, including on the day we checked out of the Utah apartment; 24 hours of driving (which we split up over 2.5 days to get to Kirksville; starting med school orientation 3 days later. I'm kinda tired just from writing it all down.

I'm not a huge picture taker, but I know I have pictures of some of the described events, so I'll post them later. For now, I'll post some wedding pics at the end.

Since the end of the first paragraph, my life has been all about med school. Orientation here at KCOM was stretched out over 3 days (Fri, Sat, Mon) and the Tue that classes started was mostly non-testable ethics and professionalism lectures plus one hour of BioChem. After that, they turned up the speed and it feels like we've been cranking along non-stop since then. I keep thinking they can't feed us information any faster, but I get proven wrong every week so far. Despite the speed, so far I do seem to be doing relatively well and getting good scores on most of my graded assignments.

And now for what people really want:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Truth About Music

Thanks for sharing Amber!